Why Online Casinos Are Trailblazers Among The Gaming Industry

Why Online Casinos Are Trailblazers Among The Gaming Industry

If you’re looking to know what the next big thing is going to be in gaming technology, then looking towards online casinos and the gambling industry is always a good place to start.

Over the years they’ve been among the first to adopt new technology and the resource put in to improving a player’s experience is always significant.

From gameplay to security and even payment methods, casino sites are always among the first to adopt new systems and software and that’s one again the case as we move deeper into 2021. Yes, they’re at it again with a number of different technologies beginning to enter the casino mainstream.


Casino sites like www.GenieRiches.com already offer a great selection of games and formats, despite having only recently launched, yet they’ve already provided that bit of magic for customers to put them on the front foot in such a competitive industry. Such a landscape is why virtual and augmented reality is already being adopted by so many sites. Genie Riches has been no stranger to adding that extra bit of sparkle and pushing boundaries, with their mystery deposit bonus being one of the most innovative on the market, and it seems an industry trait to be always looking for the next big thing to improve overall gaming experience.

Live casino was not long ago exactly that, playing a big part in bringing online casino sites closer to the real thing, with real croupiers dealing players via video link in special, dedicated studios. Now that is being taken to the next level with VR and AR. Virtual reality casinos offer a 360-degree view of the gaming surroundings, transporting you to what feels like a real-life casino in what is the most immersive casino gaming experience yet.

Virtual reality is making its way into a number of different industries when it comes to gaming, but it is, as is so often the case, online gambling making the most progressive steps forward as it stands.

Improved Security

Perhaps rightly so, security has always been top of the agenda when it comes to online gambling and they’re always keen to improve measures to keep players safety and welfare intact.

On apps especially, we’re seeing the likes of facial recognition, fingerprint technology and more integrated in, while sites are always keen to look after players too by adding in a number of features which can be used, including maximum bet limits, loss limits and more, all of which can be controlled by the customer. This hasn’t really been utilised by any other industry currently but couldn’t certainly be a welcome addition to the likes of retail and other areas of gaming.

Payment Methods

Walking hand-in-hand with security methods is payment methods, with users looking for quicker and easier ways to make payments these days. Online casinos are obliging in the masses and have already started to accept the likes of Apple Pay and Google Pay, as well as being among the first to accept Ewallets like PayPal and Neteller many moons ago.

Of course, the next big thing in payments is cryptocurrency, and already many online casino sites are beginning to accept the likes of Bitcoin as a deposit method. It’s being considered an incredibly safe way to make a deposit, with no bank details exchanged between casino sites and consumers.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is becoming a bigger and bigger part of how businesses look to operate and we’re already finding that gambling sites are adopting the tech to provide the best possible gaming experience. The AI allows casinos to understand the reasoning and trends behind a player enjoying specific games and in turn create tailored dashboards and landing pages offering the games of a similar style. It allows brands to retain customers in a much simpler fashion, as well as giving the consumer exactly what they want.

Using AI can also help brands tailor their offers and loyalty schemes to suit their audience, something which can be adopted across a range of different industries, and is already being used in the likes of retail and travel.

AI is certainly going to play a huge part in the casino industry moving forward, and it’s already been shown how powerful the tech can be when Carnegie Mellon’s Libratus AI beat a number of top poker players over thousands of hands. Interestingly, AI is also being adopted to enhance player welfare and support, and will note any unusual gaming patterns and flag particular behaviours to keep players and their bankrolls safe.

This tech in particular could be the one that really moves the online casino industry on even further over the next years, with the potential to really increase user experience, tailor games and catalogues to their customer base, and ultimately create a site that is engaging and as user-friendly as can be.

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